Internal auditor




Ikeja, Lagos

our client

Our client is a sport betting company in lkeja lagos

job responsibilties

  1. Conduct operational, financial and gaming compliance internal audits, assess efficiency and effectiveness of the operation and compliance with laws and government regulations
  2.  Develop internal audit programs to properly document audit finding
  3. Identify and communicate recommendations to improve the operations of the business
  4. Examine and evaluate financial and information systems, management procedures and prepares internal control narratives, questionnaires and process flow charts
  5. Audits records and procedures to revenues of individual sot machines
  6. Completes special assignments such as certifying and verifying records


  1. Minimum of 3 years experience in financial or business operations (internal audit) with appropriate experience in accounting procedure, casino or gaming experience preferred
  2. A masters degree from a university is a plus
  3. Ability to work independently
  4. Strong commmunication, analytical and interpersonal skills
  5. Ability to prepare complete and accurate reports
  6. Ability to research and investigate applicable gaming laws


Internal auditor