Human Resources and Operations Manager


#4,200,000 annually


Ilupeju, Lagos

our client

Our client is in the fashion industry

job responsibilties

-Develop and implement HR policies, procedures, and best practices to attract, retain, and motivate a diverse and talented workforce. -Lead the recruitment and onboarding process for all departments, ensuring the acquisition of skilled and passionate individuals. -Conduct training and development programs to enhance the skills and knowledge of employees across various departments. – Optimize operational processes and workflows to enhance productivity and reduce costs across the design lab, production factory, and physical stores. -Collaborate with department heads to ensure efficient inventory management and stock control, minimizing stockouts and overstock situations. -Oversee the logistics and distribution processes to ensure timely delivery of products to stores and online customers.


• Bachelor’s degree in a Human resource management, business Administration or similar field • A minimum of 4-5years relevant work experience • In-depth knowledge of HR operations and analytics -Familiarity with labor law rules and regulations -Impeccable communication, interpersonal and leadership skills -Excellent organizational skills


Human Resources and Operations Manager