Organisational Recruitment

Organisational Recruitment

Thank you for contacting Work in Nigeria for your recruitment services. As per your request, we provide three recruitment plans and will work with you to implement whichever works best for your organization Please find below our recruitment offerings:


N 25,000
  • Work in Nigeria advertises the job role on our recruitment platforms and refers all candidates to you for further selection processes. This does not cover screening, interviews, shortlisting of candidates, as well as, replacement of candidates hired.


N 60,000
  • Work in Nigeria will undertake the screening and shortlisting process for the candidates, make recommendations and then we pass the information of recommended candidates to you for independent interviews and final selection. This does not cover for replacement of candidate hired.


10% of annual net income (of each position we recruit for)
  • Work in Nigeria undertakes the entire recruitment process from advertising to screening, shortlisting and interviewing the candidates (alongside our client) and documentations that will facilitate the transition of the candidate into the organization. This documentation entails developing offer letters and contract of employment on your behalf, as well as, replacement of a candidate hired, if the candidate leaves within three months.

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