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Why HR Skills Academy

Boost your employability:

Going through our academy is sure to grow your knowledge, skills and competencies by xxx%, making you suitably positioned for opportunities in HR such as HR Manager, Group Head HR, xxxxx sha offer a promise.

Grow your relevance within the HR Industry:

With us, you will gain fresh knowledge and become well acquainted with the latest developments and trends globally in HR Management, you will become oxygen - the HR executive that your organization cannot do without. We will also teach you to position yourself as a thought leader within this industry.

Discover New Career Paths

Becoming an expert requires specialization. Who says HR has to be just a job? It can be your fulfilment. We will guide you to finding your path within the broadness and diversity of HR and specializing in it. Let us make your HR career satisfying.

What you will learn

Workforce Planning & Organizational Structuring

Recruitment Sourcing and Selection

Career and Performance Management

Talent Development (Training)

Internal HR Processes and policies

Employee engagement and Relations

Our goal is to groom you for significance in the HR industry. Buckle up because you are about to fly