HR Professional Mentoring Program

HR Professional Mentoring Program

If you are seeking to be equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to  perform optimally in your HR function, the HPMP has been created specially for you.

In this four weeks program you will be trained and mentored in the five pillars of Human Resources Management

Talent Acquisition (Recruitment)

Talent Management

Talent development


At the end of this mentoring program, you will know how to;

Recruit, interview, and hire job applicants for open positions

Identify employee training needs and implement Training and development programs

Implement and execute employee retention and engagement programs

Develop and implement HR Policies and Processes

Create compensation, benefits and reward systems and frameworks

Develop and manage Career Management & Performance Management frameworks for organisations

In the course of this program, you will be tasked with attending to real life client briefs as part of the mentoring program




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