Hungry for the next level? Seeking new expressions? All you need is WIN – Work In Nigeria. With Work in Nigeria, there are no more No’s, only Next Opportunity

Career Advisory

New to the work market? Yet to land your dream job after multiple attempts? Seeking new career expressions or progress outside your current job? Or perhaps you have lost your career confidence and seek to get your spark back? Our Career Advisory services are sure to meet your needs whatever they may be as we guide you to aptly define, refine, and achieve your career aspirations. Reach out to us today, we’ve got you!

Recruitment employability interventions

Make your dream job happen with us. We prepare, present and package you for the right opportunities that will match your career expectations.

  • Never let your CV get lost in the system again, write a customized and matching resume or Cover letter for that application. Click Here
  • Attract recruiters to you, expand your professional network; Create an attractive and catchy LinkedIn Profile. Click Here
  • Interview Coaching; Wow your interviewers with the right responses, speak their language and exude sheer confidence. Let us help you land your dream job.

Skill Gap analysis

Are you struggling with your career but cannot pin-point where the problem could be? Take our game-based accelium skill gap assessment to help you identify areas of weakness, strength and improvements that are sure to boost your career in the areas of problem-solving, decision-making and analytical thinking.

HR Skills Academy

Interested in a career in HR but not sure where or how to get started? Or maybe you seek to upscale your HR career as a mid-level HR professional, enroll in our academy. We will help you get started on your next-level HR journey as we equip, strengthen your knowledge and proficiencies in the processes and intricacies of Human Resources Management, helping you become a sought-after HR expert.

Talent Community: Join our Talent Community.

WIN Tribe: Engage with us and other success-driven professionals in our community. We provide opportunities, platforms and support for your accelerated personal and career growth through an active learning, sharing and networking community. With WIN Tribe, it is goodbye to being stuck. We are a moving train that is sure to get you to your desired destination as we help you identify skill gaps, project your career path and bring your future aspirations into your present reality.

What you stand to gain?

  • As a member of WIN Tribe you are sure to be top priority for our recruiters.
  • Grow and harness your latent potentials and become more visible, employable and sought-after professional in your chosen field
  • Grow your professional connections as you network with top professionals across multiple industries.


To equip members to be astute, highly sought-after professionals in the market place helping them achieve their career potentials, goals and dreams.

To have a ready pool of top talent for Recruiters (locally and globally) to draw from at any given time.

To boost professionalism and competence among the Nigerian workforce

To become the go-to Community for career networking and development in Nigeria.