The Career Professionals PROGRAM (CCP)

Career Professionals PROGRAM (CCP)

Most people believe that career growth and achievements are created by luck and chance. However, I believe that careers are built by taking definitive actions, utilizing the right tools and resources, deploying the appropriate strategies and engaging the right support from experts and professionals.

I have set up the coaching program to guide career professionals like you through concrete specific approaches and strategies that will unlock your confidence and ability to create the career that you want.

To do this, I have created two models under my career coaching program.


Join the Group Coaching Program and have the opportunity to mingle and network with other likeminds and career professionals, get support with assignments and tasks through out the program and, learn from other people’s situations and experiences.

My team and I will seek to address specific challenges and gaps in career development plans, while setting everyone up for overall success.


If you would like to have a more personalized experience with me, book for a one on one coaching program. This private coaching program consists of

Four virtual coaching sessions

Real-life case studies that will help you to better understand your career goals, recognize any gaps, and carve an achievable career development plan.

Personal Accountability Support from me as we dissect your career goals and aspirations and begin to take active steps towards transforming your dreams into achievements.

At the end of the coaching program, you will be able to;

Define your career goal/objective

Analyze your current gaps

Develop short term, mid-term and long term goals in line with your career vision, and

Create a strategic plan to implement your goals


Next Diet kicks off in 2021




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