Take Advantage of Linkedin

LinkedIn is one of the first places a hiring manager or recruiter visits when looking to hire. Over time, I have seen some candidates passed over because of how they have positioned themselves on LinkedIn.

Okay lemme explain how it works. When hiring for an organisation, most hiring managers go on LinkedIn to source for someone in that specific job role in a company in similar industry. However, over time we have since realised that what company A calls a job role is different from what Company N calls it, so we begin to twist and turn words in the search engine to fish out potential candidates.

For example, when hiring for my organisation I would be more inclined to searching for candidates who are currently working or have worked in the non profit sector. If the role I am searching for is a finance manager, I would check for finance managers, assistant finance managers, senior finance officer, accountant, senior accountant etc.

So if you are a senior accountant and that’s what company W calls finance manager, it means you fit the exact role as well but simply because the hiring manager for company W has only been searching for ‘finance manager” he has been unable to find you.

What do I recommend?

1. Get a professional to write your LinkedIn page for you.
2. If you can do it yourself, then ensure you play with words intelligently so you are more visible to hiring managers.

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